Retail Calendar Winter boot sale

Winter Sales Boost

Winter can be a tough time for businesses, as consumers batten down the hatches and spend more time inside. However, this doesn’t mean you should go into hibernation too.

Customer Behaviour:

Search interest for winter sales in South Africa peaks between the beginning of May and the end of June each year. This means to take advantage of this you would need to be ready to go prior to May.


Audiences during this time are as broad as you can imagine. As the commonality here is interest in sales themselves, the sky’s the limit. Regardless of your category, you can take advantage of this trend.


Search uptake behaviour actually happens a month or so before the middle of winter. If you’re looking to move stock during this period, it pays to be advertising prior to this so you can take full advantage of this search interest. The great news is that this search interest is incredibly broad – whatever you might want to sell will be relevant.

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