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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world. Each culture celebrates it a little bit differently, but the aim stays the same -to show appreciation to the mothers in our lives. 

Customer Behaviour:

These days, people are buying gifts for more than just their own moms. While 62% of Mother’s Day shoppers will, in fact, be hunting down unique gifts for their mothers and stepmothers; we know people are buying for the following loved ones too:

  • 46% are shopping for wives
  • 13% are shopping for daughters
  • 11% shop for other relatives
  •  8% will hit the stores searching for something for their sister
  • 7% will get a gift for Gran
  • 6% will get something for a friend, and
  • 2% will get godmother

Since last year, more Mother’s Day shoppers have been planning to gift more moms subscription boxes, including 35% of the shoppers for this year. Another popular category right now is special outings and experiences, which is expected to outpace gift cards for the first time and rank as the third most popular gift.


Recent Mother’s Day campaigns have challenged traditional femininity with something more modern. Ensure you are telling a rich and engaging story; and rather than mass awareness, focus on reaching people interested in your product (and avoiding the feeds of those who aren’t.)


In the last few days before Mother’s Day, in-store shoppers will be heading out to buy last minute gifts. They may be buying some gifts in stores, but they’re doing most of their research online. Make sure you not only capitalise on the last minute spike in mother’s day searches, but also put out pre-emptive messaging and deals about a month before.

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