Retail Calendar Holidays


We all know the mad rush that leads up to Christmas, followed by sales as stores try and move their old stock to make way for the new year. This has been a trend for years now, but one thing that will change over time is going to be the shift to more online channels for browsing and shopping.

Customer Behaviour:

In South Africa, searches for Christmas and holiday-related shopping begins peaking at the beginning of November as those more organised people start their search for gifts. This then culminates in a massive spike from mid-December through to boxing day as everyone else realises they need to do Christmas shopping. As we can expect too, this rush also plays out in searches for next day delivery and other faster shipping methods.


The audience for the holidays and Christmas rush is as broad as you’d expect. People with any interest you can think of are searching at this time. What is key is making your product or service as appealing as possible.


If you want to wade into the holiday rush, think about how you can ensure delivery or offer faster options, so that people get their gifts on time. Start advertising early on Google to capture the initial spike in search interest and then, if you’re able to, make people aware of your faster shipping options as Christmas approaches.

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