Retail Calendar Halloween


While traditionally Halloween is not a South African holiday, more and more South Africans are adopting the spooky holiday and enjoying the trick or treating festivities.

Customer Behaviour:

Google Search trends show that South Africans are looking for Halloween costumes, with the hit Korean series Squid Game being the most popular outfit inspiration in 2021. Trends data has shown that searches for the term Halloween steadily increased over the 30 days before Halloween last year.


We also know that along with the increase of celebration in SA, a total of 34% of all Halloween purchases are made through eCommerce sites. This presents a huge opportunity for you and your business with regards to costumes, decorations, sweets, chocolates and all things spooky. Besides purchasing, online search is also the top source of Halloween inspiration.


Tapping into the community of Halloweeners can provide a sales boost as well as add a sense of whim and fun to your marketing calendar.

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