For Christians, Easter is a religious event; while for many others, Easter is just a family holiday with chocolate, eggs and bunnies. Either way, we have so many ways to celebrate Easter, like exchanging presents, serving meals, decorating eggs and taking part in different Easter activities. 

Customer Behaviour:

Traditionally Easter is an eating holiday, with people spending most of their budget on chocolates/sweets and food.  Since we have a braai culture, meat and braai compliments will find its way into trolleys, alongside clothes, flowers and greeting cards. Due to the long weekend, DIY and gardening/home improvement categories see an upswing as people use the time to do maintenance and start new projects around the house. 

Consumer spending in South Africa over Easter in 2021 demonstrated somewhat of a return to normality following a difficult Easter in 2020. Online spend was also up by almost three times as opposed to 2020. In a similar trend to previous years, the Saturday before Easter was the biggest shopping day this Easter followed by Monday.


Women are more likely to spend on Easter shopping, accounting for 65%, compared to only 59% of men. However, the average Easter spending of men is slightly higher than that of women.


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Personalisation still goes a long way and we must should not under-estimate the value of community as a human need.

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