[PODCAST] Robots & Donuts: Marketing Your Small Business

Robots & Donuts is the informal marketing podcast hosted by Michelle Geere and Carla Gontier. Michelle has over 20 years' experience in marketing and advertising, having worked and run multiple digital ad agencies, and is now the CEO of Adbot. Carla is a small business owner with over 11 years' experience in social media, content and digital, and has worked in agencies and as a freelance strategist. Each week they tackle issues, solutions and growth tactics for small businesses.

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As a small business, two of the commodities that are really scarce are time and money. So where do you spend that money and what’s the best use of your time when it comes to marketing your business online? We unpack all this, and give you some handy tips for choosing the right channels; testing your strategy; using automations and finding the right tactics for your business so you can grow to be a big little business. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy!

Episode 2, Marketing For Small Business

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