How to use ChatGPT to write the best search ad copy

How to Use ChatGPT to Write the Best Search Ad Copy

Everyone is talking about the latest trend, AI chatbots like the ever-loaded-to-capacity ChatGPT. Why? Because this tool isn’t doesn’t just compile decent copy. It has machine-learning capabilities that enable you to choose words and write in a tone that will resonate with your target customers. The main benefit is that it helps take some of the thinking work off your plate and saves you time. This article will review how you can use ChatGPT to find the right keywords for your business and use them to write powerful search ads.

Start a conversation with Chat GPT about your business marketing

Ask ChatGPT questions related to your business, products, and services. This will give you a better understanding of the language that your target audience uses to search for what you offer.

Get your keywords

ChatGPT can help you by generating a list of relevant keywords for your PPC campaign. It’s not as specific as Google Keyword Planner but still sufficient. Use the keywords it generates for you to research even more keywords and long-tail keyword phrases. Again, it speeds up your ability to find the most relevant options. You can also compile useful synonyms and other relevant keyword ideas when you’re a bit brain-fried to spark some inspiration. 

Create your buyer persona with ChatGPT

If you’re not yet 100% sure of the info around your ideal customer, ChatGPT can help you with creating a more comprehensive customer persona, complete with details like their needs, problems, demographics, etc. Tell ChatGPT what you have in mind along those lines and see what it comes up with.

ChatGPT and researching relevant target locations

With ad campaigns, you want to target the areas who have the highest percentage of residents that fit your buyer persona because you want to target people who want what you offer and who can afford it. Find your relevant target locations by asking ChatGPT for information with specifics, such as “provide me a list of cities with average household income of x amount”.

Don’t forget to research your competition

This is a little bit more challenging with ChatGPT, but it’s still worth giving it a good shot. You’ll get less info than you would with a more specialised tool designed for this purpose (like SEMRush or Ahrefs) but see what it comes up with and use what’s relevant. You may just come across some new ideas and places to find information on your competitors that you’ve not considered before. 

Start creating copy for your Google Ads

Time for the action — this is where ChatGPT can come in really handy, helping you generate ideas for headlines and descriptions. It saves you time, effort, and money in the process, as you can get to the point of having compelling ad copy to tweak and optimise much faster than having to think and write from scratch. It’s like having a copywriter and a keyword researcher in one. Ask ChatGPT to write an ad copy based on the keywords and watch the magic happen!

Use ChatGPT to optimise your landing page, too

Since your Google Ad campaign is meant to take your customers to another landing page of some kind, you may as well use ChatGPT to help you here, too! It’s crucial to guide your customer who has clicked on your ad to get here, to completing the intended action you want, whether subscribing or buying. Obviously, the better your landing page copy, the more conversions you’ll get.

Remember to give ChatGPT specific prompts that address your target customer’s pain points and needs, then tweak the copy it generates for you as needed.

Professional quality marketing campaign content, fast

Generating efficient marketing content is a time-consuming, skill-based effort that requires so much thought and strategy. In this context, it doesn’t get any easier or more affordable to accelerate the whole process than using ChatGPT. 

We don’t recommend using it (and other similar tools) to generate all your marketing content and using what it generates as is, but it’s definitely a worthy inspiration turbo-booster that can help you produce useful content faster. It’s kind of like boosting your marketing thinking and writing with the help of a unicorn that has no fatigue, no headache, and no need for caffeine!

Other alternatives to ChatGPT

Since ChatGPT’s servers are often at full capacity, here is a list of other similar tools you can try out for similar purposes:

  • Jasper Chat — also built on GPT, this tool is specifically designed for marketers and businesses in advertising and marketing. Make sure to fact-check information generated by this tool for accuracy. It’s free although you do need to upgrade to a paid plan to access all the features. This is a more expensive tool than the others below, but depending on what you need to use it for, well worth the price in comparison.
  • Peppertype AI — using up to 25 languages, you can use Peppertype to generate various types of copy like ad copy, blog ideas and posts, website copy, product descriptions (for e-commerce stores) and more. The free plan gets you 5,000 characters, but you can get 50,000 on the Starter Plan for $29. 
  • Chatsonic — built on ChatGPT, it has similar powerful features, including access to the internet, a decent image generator, 16 different personas, the ability to interact using voice, all at a cheap starting rate of just under $13.
  • OpenAI Playground — this tool is free, though not intended for daily use and has more advanced features, like the ability to select a specific language model to work with and various tweaks you can make to it. It will give you a feel of what ChatGPT is like.
  • Rytr — this tool is specifically designed to help writers and content creators write better content. You can choose from different tones, and 30 languages. It also has an SEO analyzer, WordPress plugins, and a Chrome extension. The free plan gives you 10 000 characters, but you can upgrade to the entry-level plan for only $29.

A few more tips for creating compelling search ad copy

The goal of compelling search ad copy is to get more click-throughs and conversions. When you get good leads clicking through and converting, your cost per click (CPC) decreases. Then, you have more budget to run more ads and scale your ad campaign. Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind for getting the most out of the ad copy you create with ChatGPT or similar tools.

1. Keep your customer in mind first

Think about what your customer wants from your product or service. How do you provide that? How exactly does your offer benefit them? Use the answer in your headline and copy.

2. Make a personal, relatable connection

Use “you” and “your” in your copy to address your customer directly, as if you are talking to one person. This gives it a personal feel. You can even give it a local feel depending on the location of your ideal customers.

3. Be Specific

Numbers, stats, specifics give a sense of reassuring authority. It’s promising, and compelling because there’s no room for doubt. Use it (authentically) as quick way to begin establishing trust with your customer if you can say something like “Save up to 25% on your monthly grocery budget with this planner” for example.

4. Test, tweak, optimise

Test every aspect of your ad, like the demographics of different target groups. Review your testimonials and see what it is about your offer or service that resonates the most with them. Compare your ads with your competitors’ ads to find gaps you can capitalise on or imitate and improve on. 

You should also test, tweak and optimise each aspect of your search ad, starting with seeing which keywords work best for the lowest cost. Then, test the headlines, use of pricing or not, questions, changing punctuation, tone, and word choice, descriptions, benefits, and your CTA (call-to-action).

Create search ad campaigns, better and faster!

In conclusion, ChatGPT and/or other similar AI writing tools are accessible tools to speed up your research and Google Ad campaign content creation, as well as a lot of your other online marketing content. Hooray, it’s getting easier!

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