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Grumpy & Runt Google Ads Case Study

Grumpy & Runt is a little donut shop in Cape Town that sells a variety of donuts, from sweet to savoury. Their flavours change every week. G&R started in 2020, just a few weeks before lockdown was announced in South Africa, and they needed to use strong word of mouth and digital tactics to drive brand awareness and sales.


The team at Grumpy & Runt wanted to drive more website traffic and phone calls to their shop using Google Ads. Their organic search was performing well, but they couldn’t get the shop to list on Google with Google Ads, and they struggled to understand the complex setup of the Google Ads platform.

Grumpy & Runt found Adbot through a word of mouth recommendation and set themselves up via the website. It took them less than ten minutes, and once they were signed up and had set up some ads, our team contacted them to help them figure out the best setup per ad, and after identifying some additional keywords and refining their copy, they were able to manage their account themselves.

Grumpy & Runt google ads case study adbot
Grumpy & Runt Donuts


  • In 6 months, website traffic from Google Ads increased by 200%
  • Calls to the shop tripled in this period
  • Click Through Rate is up from 1.3% to 9.02%
  • The team has saved over 15 hours per month running, trialling and optimising ads
  • Google ads budget has decreased from R3,000 to R900, with better results
Recent performance for Grumpy & Runt

We managed to increase traffic to the website by a significant margin, whilst also increasing calls to the shop, all the while decreasing their Google Ads budget and marketing costs.

What do the team have to say?

“Adbot has literally changed my life. I was wasting hours stressing about Google Ads, not knowing if it was having any impact or not. With Adbot, the setup process was seamless and the monthly management takes hardly any time. I just set up my campaigns on a monthly basis, based on specials or promos, or even for special occasions like Father’s Day or Christmas, and that’s it. I wish I could do the same for all my marketing.”

Johke Steenkamp, owner Grumpy & Runt.

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